We at EL Forge are strongly committed to Quality and total customer satisfaction. This is primarily achieved through our various initiatives and facilities which we have created.

  • Effective product development
  • Our rich and past experience as a data base
  • Revisiting old products and processes as a part of continuous improvement program
  • Strong accent on manufacturing and methods

EL Forge's quality systems have been designed to comply with IATF 16949.

Elforge Ltd has established Quality Management system aligned to IATF 16949:2016.

  • Its state of the art plant at APPUR has been certified by DQS (UL) India in 2007 which is an extension of its earliest certificate for Chrompet plant since 2003.
  • Now it is working for EMS for certification to ISO-14001.
  • Its plant at APPUR is planning to get certified to ISO-14001-2004 by June-2023.
  • It has a dedicated team working on quality management and product quality assurance.
  • It has been recognized as best supplier by BOSCH, RANE MADRAS and Boiler Board.
  • El Forge is working towards “World class quality” so that its name becomes synonymous with quality all over the world for its product range.


  • EL Forge Limited - IATF QMS cert2021